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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yoga for Men

Today is a yoga day.  Until very recently, yoga was practiced exclusively by men.  Now, many men are concerned that they will not be welcome in yoga class or that they are not flexible enough to try yoga.  This is a basic misconception; yoga links the mind and body, a concept that sounds a little bogus until ual actually do it.  Yoga boosts energy and speeds up your body's recovery.  It can even help with back pain. In addition, you will improve your flexibility; however, you do not need to be flexible to do it.

For the past few year, the practice of naked yoga has become popular.


Yoga provides a workout that covers every muscle, joint and organ.  The practice oxygenates the blood, creating more energy when you finish the exercise as opposed to depleting the body of it.  Your work every system: cardiovascular, skeletal, muscular and endocrine.  Since yoga has been practiced by men for so long, many of the poses actually make more sense for a man's body and some require a lot of upper body strength.

Yoga also has benefits in the bedroom.  The eagle pose is a posture that sends fresh blood and oxygen to the sexual organs, so this particularly beneficial exercise for men in revitalizing their bedroom prowess.

Find someone to workout with you, and get busy.

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