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Sunday, August 7, 2011


The chest forms one of the biggest muscle groups on your body.  At sometime in a guy's life, he achieve to have the perfect chest as well as abs. With dedication, diligence, and much effort, some can achieve and sculpt a work of perfection.

Everyone wants a wide, large chest. In order to develop a well-round chest, it may be divided into three main parts: upper, middle and lower.  You will be able to develop each of these parts individually. It is essential to warm-up your chest for these exercises. So before you start a chest workout routine, it is important to warm up the chest by doing 20-25 push-ups and some stretches.
  • Upper Chest: For the upper chest particularly, you have incline dumbbell press and incline dumbbell flies. Both these exercises ought to be done, 4 sets each and up to 10 reps a set.
  • Mid: For the mid chest, you could do Bench-Press and Pec-Dec or Bench Press with Chest Flies. Chest flies are slightly more difficult than Pec-Dec as a lot of energy is used to balance the dumbbells. You can do these two exercises in the same format as before: 4 sets each and 10 reps to a set.
  • Lower Chest: The lower chest exercises should be tried only once you are assured that you can do the upper and mid chest exercises properly. Lower chest exercises are more difficult as normal beginner bodybuilding workouts do not really tone them up. But if you want the perfect chest, then these exercises are quite essential. For the perfect lower chest, I suggest that you perform Declined Bench Press and Declined Bench Flies. The dumbbells for these exercises may be a little lesser in weight than for normal Bench Press.
For more information see Bodybuilding Workouts for Men.

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