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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wet Dreams Start Here

nocturnal emission involves either ejaculation during sleep for a male. It is also called a wet dream, and is sometimes considered a type of spontaneous orgasm.  Nocturnal emissions are most common during adolescence and early young adult years. However, nocturnal emissions may happen any time during or after puberty. The emission may happen with or without an erection, and it is possible to wake up during, or to simply sleep through, the ejaculation. Though nocturnal emissions are commonly associated with men.  Sweet dreams are made of these . . .

Deep thoughts? 

Ooooh yum!

one sexy fucker ! my favorite porn boy.

Got sand in your eye?

for the sake of love.

So damn hot!

Male Form of Sexiness

Beautiful isn’t he? 
Check out Thomas Synnamon’s Photography tumblr. Wonderful works await.hermker:


Toni Fontana by Carmelo Blázquez.
So peaceful. So tempting.Deep thoughts? What I wouldn’t give to be this carefree.There’s something vulnerable about him. So stunning. Glistening skin. Lovely.Flexible and in control.mariesexton:

David Gandy

Defining Sexy

We all have in our mines what we believe is sexy.  Sexy can be defined or illustrated in many ways.  Some believe sexy is defined as awesome abs, bald, bear, bearded, big muscle, hairy, size of equipment, or smooth.  Nevertheless, ultimately, you will be the one to decide.


kilts are so easy access

On display.

Don’t shy away from the limelight. 

Let me touch you.


Pecs, pits and so much more.

Ass #705 (Gordon)

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