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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Male Form: Physique

The greatest asset to have for me is a great overall physique, muscular, but not overdone.  Broad shoulders, muscular chest, slim waist, great legs and butt.  Too many times, men concentrate on just one part of their bodies.  For example, they bulk up their upper body, but they fail to develop their legs so their legs are like toothpicks.  If you have ever noticed when a man walks into a room and he has a great, healthy uniformity about his body, he immediately draws the attention of spectators. These are they type of attributes that we should all strive for.  Looking good is a great benefit, however, there are other factors which are more important such as a healthy lifestyle, quality of life, mental attitude, and spiritual being.  Also, there is nothing wrong with bodybuilders and they way the look.  As a matter of fact, we glean so much from them; they are a great source for learning information about out bodies and how exercises affect different muscles of the body.

When you are looking good, your body language is going to show it.  It is said that a man who has a great body is going to carry himself confidently, hips loose and tilted forward, great posture, with his shoulders and upper back relaxed, chest slightly lifted and chin up. Just picture it, it’s hard to do that and look good if you have a protruding stomach, right? If you look good, your body language is going to exude confidence.
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