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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Handsome Hairy

There’s room for two.I see him a lot. Now if only I could see him a lot in my ass.Oh, famous studs.Favorite porn star #47: Aitor CrashFavorite porn star #55: Trace MichaelsI want him inside me.Whoa. Handsome.Hot damn.thadsthoughts:

I Am Committing Idolatry With Him!



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untitled by Nathan Tia on Flickr.

oh yes

Wes, from meat three (outtake)
© meat

[via Sir To You Pigs]

Toni by Torres Ibarzo

What goes in must come out!

DAMN *-*



Happy Thanksgiving from meat.davidcolin11:

david colin 11
 Autors: Ligabunjaku Mataini vīrieši :) Autors: Ligabunjaku Mataini vīrieši :) Autors: Ligabunjaku Mataini vīrieši :) Autors: Ligabunjaku Mataini vīrieši :) Autors: Ligabunjaku Mataini vīrieši :)

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