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Friday, November 25, 2011

Is A Kiss Just A Kiss?

This feeling is so strange
Haven't felt it before
It's like I'm flying
Like my heart has begun to soar

When I look into your eyes
I get this funny feeling
It's almost like
My broken heart is healing

You make me laugh
You make me smile
You're the only one
Who makes my life worth while

I want to say the words
The words that I know are true
They are three words
The words "I Love You"

I am always yours; you are always mine.
You are the light that makes my sun shine.
I love you and you love me.
My place is with you as it should be.
When you cry, I will be by your side.
With encourage words, with every strive.
When I trust you and you trust me,
I know our love will never cheat.
When I understand you and you understand me.
The love will build and never cease.
Because you are the light that makes my sun shine.
I am forever yours; you are forever mine.


Love is what two people feel
When they are together or apart
It is that feeling you get when you touch special someone
Love is when you are with that person
You feel you can do anything for that person
Love makes you feel like you can fly
Love is when you thin about
this one special person
all the time and you smile
Even when you are not thinking...you feel that person
Love is when you will do anything for that one person
Love is forever not just for today
Love is forever...just with that special someone.

The Greek


Like two tangled chords,
we hold each other tightly,
Like the singing of a sword,
we talk at night intimately.
Like the dew of the dawn
we kiss each other passionately,
and in a tent on our lawn,
after a monstrous fight,
we made love late at night,
the full moon shining bright,
our bodies filled with light.

John Soloman


Until you came into my life,
I never really knew
That I could care for anyone
The way I care for you . . .

And little did I realize
How happy I could be,
Until I fell in love with you,
And you, in love with me.

With your words,
you make me smile.
With a touch,
you give me the world,
You give so much . . .
Whisper words,
Love me sweet,
You give me all,
I'll ever need . . .
Wondering how,
Wondering why,
Without you,
I would rather die . . .
You're just the TN start,
In the sky high above,
You give me this feeling,
This feeling called being Loved.